An online community for girls, 13 - 18, who want to be who they were created to be.





Do you regularly find yourself…

  • Struggling with your identity?

  • Having confidence and self-esteem issues?

  • Battling with your parents?

  • Trying to cope with depression or anxiety?

  • Dealing with peer pressure?

  • Comparing yourself with others?


If you said YES to any of the above questions, then the BeYOUnique Community is for you.  We will offer:

  • Life-changing tools

  • Practical tips and ideas for good relationships.

  • A supportive community.

  • Monthly categories dealing with real issues.

  • An opportunity to learn from others.

  • Exclusive bonus content.

  • Proven processes for your marriage.

  • Prayer Community.





The generation of today is looking for perfect beauty.  Some people tend to think that being considered beautiful allows liberty, joy, and empowerment to be known.  There is so much to be considered in regard to your inner beauty, as well as maintaining good nutritional health.  Relax, I have you covered in teaching you how to take care of yourself.



Your teenage years will offer opportunities to navigate though many types of relationships with all kinds of challenges.  Most of the problems will often involve exploring physical intimacy, sex, parental issues and general friendships, just to name a few. You might not feel ready for this, but rest assured that I will give you information that will help you get through this important developmental stage.


We live in a culture where daily we are saturated with digitally altered images of impossibly thin women, messages that literally kills your confidence.  Growing up with high self-esteem can be daunting indeed. Every month I will share with you tips and ideas that will help you build your confidence and self esteem.


This category will be fun and exciting as you get to ask me questions that you have about anything.   Your questions will be answered in video format and will be hosted in the community for you to refer back to at your leisure.


Throughout the year, I will make available bonuses for you to enjoy.  This will be sort of like Christmas because you will never know what you will get. Everything from tips, exercises, and free offers. Yeah, I can't wait to pamper you.


This community would not be complete if we did have a means to post prayer intentions.  Life can get crazy at times and this is a good place to ask for prayers and offer support for each other.  There is nothing more powerful than the body of Christ coming together collectively in prayer for each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BeYOUnique Community is committed to providing you with education, tool and practical tips to assist you in your growth and development. To include having the ongoing support and Community with like-minded girls, all working toward the same goals. The BeYOUnique Community will officially launch on November 1, 2019, but you can start signing up now. The membership fees are charged monthly, and you can remain in the Community as long or as short as you like.

You will be provided with access to the site as soon as you complete your membership transaction.  However, the BeYOUnique Community doesn't officially launch until November 1, 2019, and this is when you will have access to the content.

The BeYOUnique Community is, essentially, a community program. However, the monthly Q&A's are designed to answer your specific questions.  We are always available to reach out to if you need help and if the situation requires it, I will do a video conference with you as well.

Your membership in the BeYOUnique Community is based on a monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time. You will have the opportunity to download the material from the months you were in membership before you are removed from the community. (If you choose to rejoin in the future, you will be charged the most recent monthly rate, even if this is more than you were initially paying.)

The BeYOUnique Community will be an ongoing community with continual monthly support. While we cannot predict how long the Community will continue, We are committed to running it for at least 12 months, beginning November 1, 2019.


Come and be a part of this exciting community, I’m inviting you to join us at the

Member Rate:

$10 / month

We will launch on January 1, 2020, and the 1st 50 girls to join will be entered in a drawing to receive $100 VISA GIFT CARD.  This offer ends on January 31, 2020 and the drawing will be held on February 1, 2020 on FB LIve on the BeYOUnique FB Page at 6 P.M. Central Time.  Only the winner's first name and city will be announced and I will contact you personally!

This is a monthly charge—you can cancel at any time. There are no refunds. 


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