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A Stewardship Organization

Stewardship is a means to an end: evangelization.

The Alexander House Apostolate is a “Stewardship” organization. People typically regard stewardship as a phrase to describe fundraising. However, stewardship is a way of life, where as fundraising is focused on raising money.

Stewardship is the job of supervising or taking care of something. The Alexander House has been called to be stewards of the truths that God, through, the Holy Spirit has given to it and those who operate the apostolate.

As we read in the parable of the talents, we see that the talents did not belong to the servant. In fact, they were give to him by the master. In essence, they were given to be used and not to be wasted. Therefore, our “talents” are not our own and they, too, were given to be shared.


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