The Virtues: A Program for Couples

This program invites couples to reflect on the habits, the virtues, that help spouses mature as persons, grow in holiness, and strengthen their marriage. The virtues examined are - Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance.



We are glad that you are considering this program. Caring for your marriage begins with making time for each other. This program invites you to reflect on the virtues of Prudence, Justice, Courage and Temperance, and their importance in every couple's life. Use the videos and the flyers to guide your conversation about important habits that affect your daily life, such as making prudent decisions, being fair with each other, having the courage to be silent when it is best not to say anything, or to speak up when necessary, and the strength to manage our desires. As you watch the videos and read the articles you will be encouraged to examine your habits - your ways of doing things. Often couples find that their habits can be the source of conflicts. Make sure to read the flyer: "Helpful Steps In Sharing Your Feelings With Each Other."

Lesson 1: PRUDENCE - The Habit of Making Wise Decisions

Life is full of decisions, big and small. Each day we make many decisions out of habit. We decide what to eat, how we drive, when and how to use the Internet, what to buy, etc. Some of these habits lead us to good decisions; other habits may not serve us well.

Lesson 2: JUSTICE - The Source of Harmony and Peace in our Homes

According to the Catechism the virtue of Justice is “the firm and constant will to give God and neighbor their due.” (CCC1836)

The Catechism explains that the virtue of Justice prompts us to respect the rights of others and in so doing we promote equity and harmony in the family and in society.

Lesson 3: COURAGE - The Strength to Live Our Vocation

According to the Catechism Fortitude, also known as courage, is the virtue that gives us the strength to conquer our fears and to persevere in the pursuit of the good. (CCC 1808)

Fortitude is the virtue that gives us the strength to become what God created us to be – to live our vocation, even when it is difficult.

We all have fears. As you go about your daily life, what concerns do you have?

Lesson 4: TEMPERANCE - the Virtue of Self-Control and Moderation

We desire what is appealing to our senses. Desire is good, but needs to be guided. When we indulge our desires without limits we become stuck like the hungry fox. And what was good becomes a problem.

We practice temperance through self-control and moderation. The lack of self-discipline and moderation can lead us to develop habits that hurt the marriage relationship.

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