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The Alexander HouseĀ offers programs andĀ services to assistĀ youĀ in building and strengthening your marriage, family or relationship healing.Ā Ā All material on this site is the property of The Alexander House.Ā  This contentĀ on this site , to include the resources and courses, may not be used or duplicated without permission.Ā  See ourĀ permission statement.

Marriage Disciples

ThisĀ is a peer-to-peer outreach dedicated to strengthening both thriving and struggling marriages. Our Holy Spirit-inspired system boasts a remarkable 98% success rate. Our Marriage Disciples assists couples inĀ  rediscovering the beauty within their relationship, offering guidance and support to foster lasting love and resilience in their marital journey.

Healing Hearts

ThisĀ is a transformativeĀ outreach dedicated to guiding individuals on a profound journey of inner healing and deliverance prayer. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for participants to confront their past, release burdens, and find wholeness. Through expert guidance and prayerful support, we empower individuals to heal their hearts, leading them towards a renewed sense of completeness and inner peace.

Raphael's Way - Post Abortion Healing

ThisĀ program offers a supportive and compassionate path for men and women to reconcile and heal from the challenges of abortion. We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where individuals can share their experiences, receive guidance, and find emotional support. Through this journey, guided by expert assistance and peer connections, participants can work towards reconciliation, healing, and finding a renewed sense of hope in their lives.

Raphael's Way - Natural Miscarriage Healing

Our program offers compassionate support for women navigating the emotional journey of natural miscarriages. Providing a safe space for healing and recovery, we offer guidance, resources, and a supportive community to help women find solace and strength during this challenging time. Through shared experiences and expert guidance, we empower women to heal and find hope on their path to emotional recovery.

Catholic Gentlemen's Club

The Catholic Gentlemen's Club empowers men in their roles as leaders at home, work, and in the community. We believe every man can excel as a husband, father, and leader with effort and support. Join us as we gather for power packed sessionsĀ while highlighting Ā the significance of communal faith and brotherhood. You will forge strong friendships, gain wisdom, and strengthen camaraderie. Together, we'll grow, inspire, and make a positive impact on our families, workplaces, and communities.

Covenant of Love Date Night

Experience the magic of Covenant of Love Date Night, an evening dedicated to couples seeking to strengthen their marriages and cultivate meaningful connections within a vibrant community. This extraordinary event promises a night filled with romance, fun, and fellowship. Join like-minded couples in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can exchange experiences, forge new friendships, and grow together. Expert-led educational sessions will equip you with valuable insights, effective communication tools, and fresh ways to fortify the foundation of your relationship.Ā 

Cana Nights

Cana Nights is a sacred gathering where souls unite inĀ  praise and worship, teaching, healing, and heartfelt prayer. It's a transformative evening where spirituality transcends, fostering a deeper connection with the divine. Through music, guidance, and community, participants find solace, inspiration, and renewal, making Cana Nights a spiritual oasis for all.

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