What is Marriage Disciples?

Marriage Disciples is an outreach that was born out of the resurrection of Greg and Julie Alexander’s marriage as they made their way back from the brink of divorce.  Not only did they feel called to create an apostolate, The Alexander House, but they also created a process to help others.   When they agreed to stay together and work on their troubled marriage the first thing they did was to cultivate a life of prayer.  It was in this time of prayer that the Holy Spirit began to lead them and guided them to what they now call the Marriage Disciples ProcessTM.

What started out as Marriage Coaching is now called Marriage Disciples.  Most of us have heard at some point in our life, “…the truth shall set you free,” (John 8:32) but very few ever explain the context in which this quote was made.  It was when Christ was giving the Jews the explanation of what it meant to be his disciple if they believed in him.  In verse 31, we see exactly what he was referring to: “If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Our Marriage Disciples are those who have come to know and live God’s plan for marriage and now through this process, they share it with others!  This service is also available in Spanish.

Meet Mark & Rocio


Are You Considering Marriage Counseling?

Many couples that seek traditional counseling don’t really need traditional counseling, because their issue is not one of a pathological issue.  In other words, there are no abuse or addictive behaviors.  They are two people who are “healthy” who just need to be shown the way to a happy marriage.  Also, do your research and consider the cost?  How long will the process take?  Will it be successful?

On average, most therapists charge anywhere from $45 to $200 for a 50-minute session. The average couple stays in marriage counseling for 6, 9, 12 months or longer, with no guarantees of results.  Sadly, most couples who go through traditional marriage counseling end up divorced.  In fact, many couples come to us after having been to a counselor with unsatisfactory results.  However, we will work with you for FREE!


How much you can expect to pay for traditional marriage counseling.

Join now to experience what so many couples around the world have by incorporating the resources contained in the Marriage Disciples Process. Rebuild a happy, healthy and holy marriage now by being intentional about doing something that will allow you to live out God's beautiful design for marriage!

Over 4,000 couples have transformed their marriage by participating with God and implementing the tools and resources that are provided in this eCourse.

Greg and Julie have over a 99% success rate and have worked for over 18 years in building marriages and have brought them back from discouragement to hope, from sadness to joy and from distant to a closeness that allows God to reside at the center of the relationship.

Knowing that every marriage experiences times of difficulty and pain, and in a sense great aloneness, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Every couple gets taken off track and goes down a path of discouragement and sometimes despair but rest assured we will provide the tools that make it easy for you to return back and recapture the love that you feel has been lost. Not only can your marriage be redeemed from any circumstance but it can be better than you ever imagined possible.  If you want to know more about the Marriage Disciple's process click here - tell me more.

What Others Have Experienced

"In this day and age, the record given by God to mankind about marriage is often scratched by the dominant culture and leads many couples to skip grooves forward and to be stuck in the same grooves over and over again. What was meant in the beginning to be a relationship based on charity, then becomes a tiresome exercise in selfishness. This course teaches Gods plan!"

John & Marsha
Katy, TX

"This course has something for everyone. If your marriage is failing their advice is life-saving. If your marriage is struggling, their advice will help you. If you are preparing for marriage, their advice will guide you and if you have a healthy marriage, their advice will inspire you. The total self-revelation of their story about how they overcame the problems that dissolve most marriages and now live in a fruitful exchange of love is a gift to all of us."

Frank & Juliet

"Whether your marriage is in serious trouble or you are looking to strengthen the marriage you have, this eCourse provides you with a perspective like none other! My wife and I both went through this online resource and highly recommend it to ALL married couples. It is a must for Catholics whose marriages don't have God as their center! Very helpful practical tools to start changing that."

Chris & Tina
Los Angeles, CA


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