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And all this is from God, who has reconciled us to himself through Christ and given us the ministry of reconciliation

2 Corinthians 5:18

Greg & Julie

Hello, we are Greg & Julie!  We are authors, speakers, marriage disciples and full-time marriage missionaries. We help couples that are experiencing difficulties in their marriage, regain hope and we offer solutions to assist them in rediscovering the joy and beauty in their relationship so that they can go on to living a  Joy-filled Marriage!

We are not therapists, theologians or counselors.  We are two people who were married over 29 years ago, ignorant of God’s plan for marriage and created a living hell for each other.  So much, that we came close to ending our marriage 18 years ago, but thanks be to God, He allowed, a wonderful priest to come into our lives – we rebounded from our difficulties and felt called to share with other couples what we learned.  Here is a quick overview of our story.

The Founders - From Crisis to Christ

A video of Greg & Julie Alexander presenting at the Ignited By Truth Conference 2017


The Community

The Alexander's have over 19 years of experience, of working with and helping other couples, and they want to share that experience with you!  This community is going to explode and become an excellent tool for providing hope and help to couples.  We are excited to build  a vibrant and involved community of people looking to improve their marriage.  So, if you are preparing for marriage, you will find information to help you build the proper foundation for your future marriage.  If you are in a good marriage, we are here to make it great. Also, if you find yourself in a distressed marriage, we can bring you hope and show you the way back to the marriage you desire, but more importantly, what God desires for you!

Helping Others

St. John Paul II the Great once said, ” …many couples are unsure of the meaning of their relationship, and this causes them much turmoil and suffering. On the other hand, many other couples are stronger because, having overcome modern pressures, they exercise more fully that special love and responsibility of the marriage covenant which make them see children as God’s special gift to the and to society. As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the whole world in which we live.  We’ve worked hard to balance our personal, family, and professional lives, and I believe we can do the same for you!

Never Become Complacent

There is continuing education for many of the vocations and professions in our society.  Teachers, accountants, attorney’s and many other jobs have continuing education that they must go through every year.  Why? So they can maintain and increase their skill and proficiency in their jobs.  However, for the one vocation that we have been called to live for a “lifetime”, we act as if the “I Do” at the altar should take us to “Death do us Part”.  Marriage only works when we work at it, and we must be intentional about the various aspects of our marriage to ensure its success.

Offing Hope & Help

Greg & Julie are Your Marriage Disciples!  In the Gospel of John, we find that disciples are those who come to know and live Christ’s truths.  Christ also tells us to go and make disciples of all nations.  We’ve been called to be His Marriage Disciples to go out and share His truths for marriage to ALL married couples! Learn it. Live it. Share it!

Couple Time

The Alexander's Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Integrity in all things
  • Obedience and fidelity to God and His Church
  • Commitment to service
  • Respecting the dignity of the person
  • Maintaining balance in family, faith and work
  • Good steward of all things
  • Concern and care for the soul

The Family

The Alexander's been happily married since July 1987. Well, albeit, not always happily. They’ve had some issues, but what they've learned in overcoming them enables us to understand those of you who are experiencing some of the same problems. They have four sons, three daughters, and four grandsons.




  • MARRIAGE 911 – Franciscan Media. Over 8,000 books sold.
  • GROWING IN LOVE THROUGH PRAYER – Self-published; 5,000 books sold.
  • MARRIAGE WORKS IN CHRIST – workbook and video.
  • Catch the Short Film – Companion Guide

Made for Each Other – was a weekly one-hour radio show about love, relationships, and marriage which aired on the Guadalupe Radio Network (GRN.) The main focus of the show is to help couples discover God’s plan for marriage and the joy that comes from living it out. Each week we feature a special guest who addresses issues that most (if not all) couples deal with in their marriage. Guests included: Fr. John Ricardo, Christopher West, Dr. Edward Sri, Bishop McIntyre, Fr. Wade Menezes, Fr. Paul Check, Fr. James Dean, Curtis Martin, Mary Beth Bonacci, Teresa Tomeo, Tom Peterson, Patrick Coffin, Jason Everett, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, and Fr. Ed Hauf among many others.

The Alexander's no longer host this show, but they will be launching a YouTube Channel called Greg & Julie Your Marriage Disciple, so stay close for more info.

Featured Speaker at The Following Conferences/Shows

  • 3 series on EWTN
  • EWTN Live
  • Life On The Rock
  • Fullness of Truth Conference
  • National Black Catholic Conference
  • San Antonio Catholic Men’s Conference
  • National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministries Conference
  • Jacksonville Women’s Conference
  • Parish Implementation Committee for USCCB National Pastoral Initiative on Marriage
  • Catholic Marriage Summit
  • Sacred Heart Major Seminary
  • Patrick’s Seminary, Menlo Park, CA
  • Priest ConVocation/Washington DC – Corpus Christi
  • Relevant Radio
  • Ave Maria Radio
  • Various radio stations to include Diocesan stations
  • Over a hundred presentations in parishes across the nation
  • Catholic Television San Antonio
  • Shalom Television
  • Ramstein Air Force Base – Ramstein, Germany
  • Benedictine University – Atchison, KS
  • St. Mary’s – College Station, TX
  • Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff, AZ
  • Texas State University – San Marcos, TX


Guests on the Following Radio/TV Shows

  • Catholic Answers
  • The Good Fight
  • Drew Mariani Show
  • Morning Air with Sean Harriet
  • Al Kresta Show
  • Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo
  • The Wendy Weiss Show
  • Immaculate Heart Radio
  • The Catholics Next Door
  • Reasons for Faith
  • From the Rooftops
  • Holy Family Radio
  • Shalom TV
  • Rise and Walk – GRN


Featured in the Following Books/Publications

  • Surprised By Truth 3
  • Amazing Grace for Married Couples
  • Heaven’s Song
  • Faith and Family Magazine
  • Catholic Digest
  • Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction
  • Zenit Magazine
  • Envoy Magazine
  • National Catholic Register
  • Denver Catholic Register
  • Catholic Herald
  • Various Diocesan newspapers
  • San Antonio Express-News

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