Building the Domestic Church

Covenant of Love is more than a ministry - it's a call to action, an initiative, and a resource designed to strengthen or help build the foundation for marriage ministry within individual parishes. As a force for the New Evangelization, Covenant of Love works to educate, strengthen, promote, and advocate the splendor, beauty, and truth of God’s plan for marriage. 

Covenant of Love sends a clear signal that a parish is serious about promoting the Sacrament of Marriage through building, healing, and nurturing marriages. By putting the focus on marriage ministry, not only is there be a decrease in divorces but an increase in the marriage rate. The parish becomes a “God-centered”  resource for marriage enrichment and education, providing assistance to any couple, whether they simply wish to strengthen their relationship or are seeking help to fix their marriage.

Covenant of Love has numerous benefits for the parish,  for when spouses are set on fire in their own marriage, they begin to give more financially, they're generous with their time, becoming involved with ministries, and they provide for the future of the Church, with healthy, whole, and holy vocations to both priesthood and the Sacrament of Marriage. 

Let's Get Together

Looking for a way to spice up your marriage? Want to grow in intimacy with your spouse? If so, DATE NIGHT is for you!

DATE NIGHT, an element of Covenant of Love from the Alexander House, is a parish-based monthly gathering of couples to assist them in becoming the “true” domestic church. By providing practical tools to live out God’s plan for marriage, spouses create a vibrant and positive community of married couples, becoming visible witnesses to Christ’s love for His Bride, the Church.

Couples come together once a month for prayer, fellowship, formation, and most importantly, one-on-one time that helps provide the space and time to build the intimacy we’re all looking for in our marriages. This lay, couple-run ministry unveils the many beautiful aspects of the Church’s wisdom regarding marriage, designed to help couples integrate these teachings into the whole of their marriage.

It’s important to note DATE NIGHT is not just for troubled marriages; it’s for every couple. We all need to be more intentional about putting the proper focus upon our spouse. When we put others and other things of life – jobs, entertainment, kids, etc. ahead of God and the one we promised to give our entire being to, we’re going to experience problems.

This is why DATE NIGHT is so important: It allows ordinary couples to reconnect and refocus on what’s important, as well as imparts practical wisdom to become the husband and wife God desires them to be. DATE NIGHT provides spouses the opportunity to meet with like-minded couples and grow together in faith and intimacy.



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Helping Couples Build Better Marriages

The Covenant of Love MentorsTM training program is designed to prepare mentor couples to work with couples experiencing difficulty in their marriage and to help them live Christ-centered, joy-filled marriages. This much needed program is based on a process developed by Greg and Julie Alexander through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Knowing from experience that in order for a home to withstand stormy weather, it must be built on a strong foundation and be supported with a strong framework. Couples must learn and live God’s plan as the foundation for their married lives, and none of this can be lived out without a full understanding that we must live in the same selfless way God gives everything to us. In essence, we are to live our married lives in the true spirit of stewardship by being a gift to one another.

We are committed to helping marriages be what God intended for them to be. We believe the best way to do this is through working together with individual couples.

Covenant of Love Mentors™ is a mentoring program designed to do just this: By listening closely to the issues struggling couples are going through, offering their assessment of the situation, challenging them to look at things differently or act a different way in certain circumstances to achieve desired results, and supporting them in establishing goals that matter the most to them. This beautiful ministry encourages couples to implement  practical tools for everyday life, with the knowledge of God's plan for marriage, enabling them to nurture their love for each other as they continue to grow in their own relationship with Christ.

Covenant of Love MentorsTM  are also directed to helping those married couples in a valid sacramental marriage live the fullness of the Catholic Faith, as well as those engaged couples seeking to be formed in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

For those couples with the desire to become Covenant of Love MentorsTM, they must profess and ardently believe what the Church teaches about marriage (especially as explained in Humanae Vitae, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Theology of the Body).  They are trained in God’s Plan for Marriage and aligned with a married couple to be mentored, based on their needs. They walk shoulder-to-shoulder with another couple, sharing their own struggles as well as the victories they achieved once they discovered, studied, and embraced the fullness of their Catholic Marriage.  This program is also meant to aid pastors in dealing with the growing number of couples who come to them each day seeking for help in their marriage. 

Therefore, Covenant of Love Mentors can be established in a parish or any couple who feels called to work with couples who are in need of help.



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"As the family goes, so goes this nation, and so goes the world in which we live."

~ St. John Paul the Great


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