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To Jesus Through Mary

Can you imagine finding out today that your son had to die for the salvation of God’s people? What would you do?

As a mom, you would think of the countless alternate options for him to not have to die or maybe you would even take his place. Or instantly you get so angry and frustrated that you can’t even think. The thought of having to give up the life of your child seems a little too much to bear.

What if, through this tragedy, you were promised peace and understanding. That you could have faith in an all loving God, who knew His plans were much bigger than your own.

Today, you can become part of a community who says YES to God. Not only today but every single day. Say yes to being a wife, mother, and friend. Just as Mama Mary.

She was so full of grace that even on the worst day of her life she didn’t turn away from God.

Let me help lift you up, be encouraged and surrounded by faithful women who strive to become full of Grace.

Let’s say yes to God and live as Mary did - with faith, hope, and love.

In our Catholic faith, we honor, Mary, the Blessed Mother, as one of the greatest saints because she was chosen by God to bring Jesus Christ into the world. Mary gave birth to Jesus, she fed Jesus, taught him, and followed Jesus throughout his public ministry. In fact, she followed him all the way to the cross. As most mothers do to their children; she knows every intricate part of Jesus. Therefore, who else is more qualified to lead us to him?

What Club 11 Offers

On a monthly basis, Club 11 will introduce you to thoughts that will allow you to examine your relationship with God, your husband, your children, others around you and yourself. Gain insight from the perspectives of others and get all your questions answered! Each week you will receive insight on the following topics below.

Mother Mary

Often we may see a statue that we are drawn to or a particular devotion that seems to be our go to when we think of Mary.  If you are anything like me, I would pray the Rosary and say a Hail Mary once in a while but when I learned more about her my entire life changed. I want to walk with you on a journey with Our Blessed Mother and reveal some of the intimate details that I know could have a huge impact on your life – especially your heart.

Faith & Spirituality

We get a lot of head knowledge about our faith yet so often we women were created to operate out of our hearts.  Through Faith and Spirituality, we will share stories and thoughts and inspirations to help you move from the head to the heart and beyond.  Years ago I saw a brochure that said, “don’t miss heaven by 18 inches!”  The distance between the head and the heart is 18 inches.  We will focus on the word of Mary – My Immaculate Heart will triumph.


We spend so much time learning about different things in life but the one thing that matters most and we are the most ill-equipped with is relationships.  Whether it is our relationship with God, our Husband, our Children, our family members or even our friends, there are tools and tips along with stories that will encourage you and help you to stop competing and start working together with others.  We are on a marathon, and it is always such a blessing to receive encouragement and water and applause to keep us motivated to continue the race.  We are all here to assist each other on the journey in growing in holiness with others and with ourselves.

Special Features

Okay, here is where we get to have a bit of flexibility.  You will get #I am Woman – a series of heartfelt stories of women sharing their journey and testimonies of how Mary played a part in their lives.  Julie Chats With... - Julie will be chatting with special guests in our Faith and understanding the role of Mary in the Church to include Marian Priests sharing their hearts and knowledge of Mary, Our Blessed Mother.  I'll also throw in a few health and beauty tips from time to time.

What Others Have Experienced

"The invitation to join Club 11 was an awesome blessing and I am glad I said yes. This has been an incredible assistance through some of the most harrowing moments in our lives. Women who have taken to themselves and made my petition their own is heartwarming beyond words. I truly see Club 11 as the sides of a ladder and every hail Mary adds the rungs by which our husbands, sons, and family can more easily ascend toward heaven. What woman wouldn't want to take advantage of this amazing gift from God"

San Antonio, TX

"Club 11 has been such a blessing knowing that a group of women are constantly lifting up our spouses and families as well as any other concerns on our hearts in our day. Saying the hail Mary and asking her intercession is so powerful. It is beautiful to experience the promptings as well as knowing that we are not alone physically or spiritually. Club Eleven brings Such great hope, beyond our Earthly understanding! "

Parker, CO

"Club 11 has given me a motherhood to help guide me in every day I live and move. By the grace of God you've allowed to flow through all of your hearts, you've helped me become a better wife mother and person. Love you all! Thank you Mama Mary "

San Antonio, TX

You don't have to walk this journey alone, as we can unite as sisters in this Body of Christ!



Join us in building a dedicated community for women - Club 11.

A Facebook Group has been set up for ongoing communication and for us to share ideas, discoveries, prayer intentions and celebrations.

This Long Awaited Community for Women is Finally Here

Join now to experience what so many women around the world have by incorporating the resources contained in CLUB 11. Be part of a wife, mother and friend community while becoming intentional about the daily duties and routines of life by doing something that will allow you to live out God's beautiful design!
Over 100 women have transformed their marriage and life by participating with God and growing in relationship with like-minded women.
Be brought back from discouragement to hope, from sadness to joy and from distant to a closeness that allows God to reside at the center of your heart.
We ALL experiences times of difficulty and pain, and in a sense great aloneness, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ALONE! Rest assured CLUB 11 will provide the tools that make it easy for you to return back and recapture the you that you feel has been lost. 


  • Get an inspirational and educational teaching every week.

  • Hear from other ladies about the importance of Mary in their lives.

  • Thoughts and teaching from Holy Marian priests.

  • The opportunity to interact, share and grow from other women around the world.

  • All of this for FREE!

Join hundreds of women from around the world as we learn and grow in love together!


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