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Don't you wish that there was an instruction manual to help you in your marriage? Unfortunately, there isn't one, but there is the Greg & bJulie Your Marriage Disciples Community
This Marriage Community will help you discover or rediscover the passion, plan and purpose that God designed marriage to be. We have taken the insights that we've acquired over the past 23 years (with over a 98% success rate) of working with couples through The Alexander House's Marriage Disciples outreach and are creating online content just for you. This information will inspire, educate and introduce you and your spouse to "life lessons" that will assist you in living a loving and lasting relationship.


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Julie and I are focused on creating the best experience for our members and creating content that yields results.

If you are looking for hope and healing in your marriage.  If you want to strengthen your marriage.  Greg and Julie will equip you with the tools you need to have a strong marriage, we think you'll love our community.

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