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We stand at the  altar on our wedding day with the intent that this "love" is going to last forever.  You desire to have a strong and intimate marriage, but yet we see so many statistics of those who have not been successful in experiencing this joy with their spouse.  Marriage 411 helps couples connect and reconnect.  More importantly, we give you the tools and knowledge to chart your own course to a Strong Catholic Marriage.  We help you to experience the kind of marriage you've dreamed of.

Marriage 411 is for marriages in all states.  Whether you are preparing and you want to get started on the right foot, or you have a good marriage and want to make it GREAT, Marriage 411 is especially great for those who are experiencing difficulties and want to find a better way.   

What Marriage 411 Has For You

Marriage 411: The Essential Elements of a Strong Catholic Marriage is an eCourse that is jam-packed with great learning, fun, and inspiration. Couples reconnect with each other, grow closer through prayer, and improve communication as they learn God's plan for marriage. This eCourse will address such topics as improving communication, healing and forgiveness and living a Christ-centered marriage. Whether your marriage is fantastic or faltering, you will gain a renewed sense of hope and purpose for your marriage.

Module 1

God's Plan for Marriage 

Most of us have grown up experiencing our parent's marriage, and we might have witnessed other marriages as well.  However, there are times when we are never introduced to the fullness of what God desires for us in our marriage.  This module teaches you God's plan, purpose and goal of the Sacrament of Marriage.

Module 2

God's Plan for Chastity

We have been misled by the world as to what sex and sexuality is all about.  Just the mere fact that it was created for marriage alone is a surprise to many.  Here you will learn the "whys" of the "whats" of the Church's teaching in this area.

Module 3

Forgiveness & Healing

It is difficult to move forward in your marriage when there are so many stored hurts and pains of the past.  Well, let me say that with this module those hurts and pains can become issues of the past.  This is done with a beautiful exercise that the Alexander's created, aptly called - Forgiveness and Healing. 

Module 4

How Can I Serve You?

God has given us each other, in marriage, as a means to experience his love. Love is defined by the dying to self as opposed to seeking the fulfillment of self. Not only will this be made evident but you will be shown a concrete way to live this out in your marriage.

Module 5

Communication in Your Marriage

Good communication is needed in any relationship; especially marriage.  Poor communication skills can literally "kill" a marriage by killing the spirit of your spouse.  Learn how to have good and effective communication in your relationship.

Module 6

Spirituality in Marriage

In our lives, we spend so much time focusing on the physical aspects of the marriage.  Unfortunately, we don't give much consideration for the spiritual reality that exists, creating attacks which are being waged on us in our marriages everyday.  After this lesson you will know what it means to put on the "Armor of God"!

Meet Mark & Rocio

The Alexanders picked several couples to work with and intentionally did not know the issues that the couples were dealing with in their marriage. They did this to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of the material. The Maloney's were one of the couples.


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What Others Have Experienced

"In this day and age, the record given by God to mankind about marriage is often scratched by the dominant culture and leads many couples to skip grooves forward and to be stuck in the same grooves over and over again. What was meant in the beginning to be a relationship based on charity, then becomes a tiresome exercise in selfishness. This course teaches Gods plan!"

John & Marsha
Katy, TX

"This course has something for everyone. If your marriage is failing their advice is life-saving. If your marriage is struggling, their advice will help you. If you are preparing for marriage, their advice will guide you and if you have a healthy marriage, their advice will inspire you. The total self-revelation of their story about how they overcame the problems that dissolve most marriages and now live in a fruitful exchange of love is a gift to all of us."

Frank & Juliet

"Whether your marriage is in serious trouble or you are looking to strengthen the marriage you have, this eCourse provides you with a perspective like none other! My wife and I both went through this online resource and highly recommend it to ALL married couples. It is a must for Catholics whose marriages don't have God as their center! Very helpful practical tools to start changing that."

Chris & Tina
Los Angeles, CA

Strong Families is the Result of Strong Marriages. Why don't you start building yours today!

The Marriage 411 Advanced eCourse Has Incredible Bonuses to Help You

Private Facebook Group

A private Facebook Group has been set up for ongoing communication and for you to share ideas, discoveries and assist other couples.

Prayer Book

This prayer book has been taunted as the Catholic "Love Dare".  It has 40 days of prayers to help you grow in love i your marriage.

eMail & Chat Support

Unlimited email support will be available for you to ask questions and address any issues or concerns. If warranted, we will conduct live sessions via chat for you.

This Celebrated Course That Couples Are Talking About

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Special Bonus

Growing In Love Through Prayer

As a participant of the Marriage 411 course, you will also receive the electronic copy of Growing in Love Through Prayer.


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